Mouse Party

Big Kahuna Words is our second game we’ve shipped that features Mouse Party™.

Mouse Party allows UP TO 8 PLAYERS to play simultaneously ON THE SAME COMPUTER! Each player will control a mouse and will be clearing the board cooperatively or competitively with the other players.

You will need a computer with Windows XP operating system (or newer) or Mac OS X 10.4 (or newer) and more than one mouse to play Mouse Party. To start, simply plug in other mice to your computer. If you have a USB mouse and an available USB port on your computer, this is easy to do. If not, click on the link below for more information on getting your PC ready for Mouse Party.

Once you have at least one more mouse hooked up, simply select “Mouse Party” from the Main Menu and a screen will pop up with a list of colors. Each player with a mouse can pick a color and then hit “OK”. Then you will pick a level to start on, and hit “Start”.

Making a word for the first time in a square will cause the background to change to that color. In competitive mode, the player with the most colored squares wins!

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